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Bottled Water Vs Water filtration system

Over the past few decades, the demand and use of plastic bottles have considerably increased. But there is a long ongoing debate about the use of plastic bottles whether they have any adverse effect on the environment and the overall health of people. Many residents in Dubai still use bottled water irrespective of the fact that this use is consistently being discouraged now on government level. For a sustainable living environment in UAE, Dubai Media Office has launched an initiative taken by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum “Dubai Can Initiative”. It involves lessening the use of one-time plastic bottles. In order to do that Dubai government as well all Emirates are taking initiatives in installation of free water refilling water filtration systems in different parts of the city.

Did you ever give a thought why on such a massive scale the use of plastic bottles is being averted? As part of this movement, people have been asked to install water filtration system in their homes. People are being requested to carry refillable water bottles along with them whenever they step outside. Plastic bottles/ bags use prevention campaign has been initiated due to number of adverse effects of plastics in UAE last year. According to statistics released by UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, UAE produces waste of 450 billion plastic bottles every year which is very alarming.

On the basis of following underlying points, the confusion as whether to use bottled water or a water filtration system can be somewhat cleared.

Effects of Plastic Bottles

Effect on Environment

Plastic waste is destroying the beauty of our environment. The aesthetics of scenic beauty all over the world is getting ruined due to excessive plastic use whether its plastic shopping bags, plastic bottles or other single use plastic products. Plastic is one of the major pollutants in the environment.  According to the figures of WWF, it takes almost 500 years for some plastics to self-decompose. Due to its long time to get decomposed and improper disposal it is found everywhere. To save cost, many plastic bottled water companies use low grade non-FDA approved plastic that disturb the whole environment. Being a responsible citizen, it is our duty to curb the use of plastic to minimum otherwise we can’t survive longer on this planet.

Effect on Our Health

Water constitutes more than 98% of our bodies. If we put unfiltered unsafe unhealthy water into our bodies, it likely affects our health in the long term. It is being recommended not to drink or store your water in plastic bottles as these bottles contain harmful chemicals. Here in UAE where the temperature rises to 50 C what would be the temperature on roads. Don’t drink water from bottles kept in car for longer time as leaching from plastic bottles occur in water. Avoid reusing one- time plastic bottles but many of us still use them again and again. It’s best practice to avoid purchasing such bottles and limit their use to maximum. These bottles leach harmful chemicals into water from carcinogenic to hormone disruptors. Such chemicals can be as harmful and lethal affecting immune system.

Don’t put your health at risk and let that plastic chemicals enter into your body.

Effect on Animals and Marine Life

Plastic has endangered the life of many land and marine animals. Single use plastic bottles start getting piled up in landfills and increase waste in the environment. To deliver plastic in reusable bottles a large quantity of bottles are needed but a single water filtration system can replace all this mess. These reusable plastic bottles even have a fixed life because hard minerals start depositing inside them. Every day a headline of a marine animal death comes due to excessive plastic use. Most of the plastic ends up in water bodies and landfills and affect marine animals. Many animals mistakenly eat them as food causing their death and terminal illness.

Effect on fossil fuel

High consumption of fossil fuel is done in order to recycle and remove plastic from the surface of Earth. Plastic production has reached to massive 400 million metric tons on global scale yearly. Plastic production is heavily relied on oil and by the end of 2050 plastic consumption will account for 20% of fossil fuel usage. If plastic waste remains unchecked and keep on increasing very soon we will see just piles of plastic everywhere.

Cost on water filtration system Vs Bottles

A water filtration system is not only space efficient and eco-friendly, b it is price friendly as well. The price of a water filtration system is quite competitive. On first place, in our company every customer is regarded as a new relation rather than just evaluated and counted for in monetary terms. We value our customers and profit margins are kept at minimal level. We truly believe that we are selling not a luxury item but water filtration systems that provide clean and pure water to people. Water is the essence of life so access to clean; safe and healthy water shouldn’t be compromised. We provide free installations to any religious place as well for labour camps. Our business as well as industry philosophy has been linked to ethics and people’s needs and desires.

Secondly, by installing these water filtration systems your annual cost on water bottles is going to decline. Initially you make an investment for the filter and then next year onwards you pay for its maintenance. Installation of a best water filtration system at your home helps you in getting rid of the water bottles which are highly unhealthy and carry lots of preservatives. In addition to that Safe Water filters provide you pure and alkaline mineralized water that is beneficial for you and your whole family.

Best water filtration system for home

The next question that arises is that which water filtration system can be regarded as best water filtration system for your home if plastic bottles use has to be completely stopped. The water filtration industry is flourishing and there is a range of water purifiers available in the market in UAE. Depending on the water quality of the area as well as needs of the customers the best water filtration system for their homes can be sorted out.

By water quality means in some areas due to old pipes and worn-out delivery infrastructure water gets mixed with lots of impurities. In order to treat such water more stage water filtration systems. Sometimes a reverse osmosis system is a must but, in some places. Where water taste and TDS is better than even a four stage water purification system is advisable.

A single best water filtration system for home cannot be possibly labeled as every home has different needs. Some prefer a sleek design unique counter top system whereas some people go for under the sink systems due to space efficiency.

Summing up all the arguments together it is known that plastic bottles are just destroying. Our environment and leeching of micro plastics in the environment.

Though its inexpensive but in terms of our health. The health of our environment it is very expensive for our lives.


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