Drinking Water Quality

Water is life! But at the same time this resource is scare and if we talk about clean drinking water it is something rarely accessible to each individual on Mother Earth. Access to clean potable water is a right of every citizen but some people are devoid of this gift. Drinking water quality needs to be improved for every person residing on this planet. This article has been meant to aware you about the importance of water in your life so you make conscious efforts to improve your lives. Drinking water quality is determined by the number of impurities or unwanted substances in water along with some other criteria’s that need to be fulfilled. A healthy clean drinking water is one which is not only free from dissolved and undissolved impurities but the one that carry all essential nutrients dissolved within it as well plus it has usually optimum PH level.

According to United Nations, one in three people can’t approach clean and pure drinking water. Human being needs water to survive but what if this water does more harm than good when it is susceptible to diseases and infections. One of the sustainable goals of the United Nations is to provide healthy and clean drinking water to every person worldwide. United Nations has issued drinking water quality standards for every country. Safe Water is playing its part in attaining this goal. Striving efforts to discontinue the use of plastic water bottles have already been made worldwide. In order to improve drinking water quality water filtration systems are being installed by governments according to the guidelines of UN to enhance drinking water quality standards. There are many grounds which we need to consider before choosing right water purifiers and filters to get safe and healthy drinking water. You can refer to the article on choosing right water purifier for your home.

Drinking water quality affects our health and overall body immunity. Let’s have a look how improved drinking water quality standards help us build strength and immunity.

Healthy and hygienic water prevents water borne diseases and infections

Drinking water quality

Clean and pure water is one of the leading factors towards a happy family. Less sickness mean happier and contented family. When a single person in home is sick the whole family gets affected seeing him or her in pain. Potable water should be clean and safe as it saves us from a number of water borne diseases many of which against we are not vaccinated. Not only our water should be clean and safe to drink but also the storage source (tanks) in which it is kept must also be free of viruses and bacteria. Regular tank cleaning and cleaning of water storage containers is mandatory.

Safe pure water builds up immunity

It is very necessary to keep yourself hydrated. After covid 19 breakdown, good hygiene is more pertinent. Washing hands and surfaces regularly prevents the catch up of infection. For that pure and safe water is highly required on the other hand there are more chances that you end up likely to be infected with virus. Healthy water carries minerals and nutrients desired by human body. These minerals are transmitted to the organs through blood and they also help in removal of all toxic substances from our body. Healthy and safe water in turn boost our immune system and make our body less prone to diseases.

Pure water improves children’s and elder people health

Young children whose immune systems are in developmental stage are more likely to get sick if drinking water quality is unsafe to consume. Elderly people also get affected by the usage of dirty water as their immune system is weak. Tap water in Dubai lacks all necessary minerals as most of the water is obtained after desalination plants through reverse osmosis. Clean and alkaline mineralized water saves you and your family from running to doctors. Drinking water quality standards necessitate the use of filters that are equipped with mineralized tube to care for your health.

Soft and glowing skin with clean water

Drinking enough water hydrates your skin. Water acts as anti-aging and keep your skin hydrated and fresh all times. Bad quality water lacking desired minerals and containing excess chlorine damages your skin make it look dry and weathered.  Hence it is very important that water PH is optimum as well as chlorine content is minimum.

Mentally active and brain focus with pure water

Many people complaint regarding severe headache and inability to focus at the workplace. Many studies have confirmed that water is a vital element required for proper brain functioning. Reduction in the consumption of water leads to loss in concentration in tasks completion.

Pure water aids in weight loss

Water is known to be natural hunger suppressant. Drinking a glass of water before meal reduces the intake of food and keeps your food imbalance in check. Water also restricts the intake of sugary beverages and hence helps us in preventing the weight gain due to soda and inorganic sugar containing fruit juices and drinks.

Pure Water as temperature regulator during exercise and athletic activities

Water regulates the body temperature after exercise and acts as a thermostabilized. It helps is dissipating the heat from the body when it gets warmed up. The water is lost through the body in the form of sweating and it cools down. Along with water many minerals are also lost from the water. Modern drinking water purifier remineralizers the water after removal of everything through reverse osmosis hence body’s need of minerals is also restored along with the uninterrupted supply of pure and clean water.

Safe and Pure Water as best energizer during pregnancy

Water is significantly important for pre-natal health of mothers and fetuses’ in the womb. Expecting mothers need to stay hydrated and need to drink more for baby’s amniotic fluid as well as proper blood circulation. Drinking more water in pregnancy provides security from urinary tract infections a common problem that happens in pregnancy. Modern filtration systems contain antioxidant alkaline mineralized purifier has got optimum pH with addition of minerals in it that save from heart burn and indigestion.


Quality of drinking water is vital for the proper sustenance of human body. We pay a lot of attention on our clothing, shoes and grooming but hardly consider what we are pouring in our bodies. Unclean drinking water makes our body a breeding place for viruses and bacteria which are then transmitted to other persons or to the environment and a cycle starts. It helps our body get rid of body waste and prevents build-up of toxins in our body. So, hydrate your body with pure clean drinking water- a water whose quality matches to the drinking water quality standards. Water builds strength and immunity of bodies so there is no substitute of healthy clean water when it comes to health.

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