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Invest wisely! Take a wise and smart decision while looking for a water filter purifier and water purifier for your home rather than taking an abrupt decision. This article is intended to assist you in this regard to make a right choice. There are many factors that you need to consider before buying a right water filter purifier.

Understand Your Needs & Little Know How About Water Filter Purifiers

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The firsthand information that you need to gather before bringing home a water filter purifier is having an idea of your daily water demand. It means you should have a vivid understanding of your daily water usage and whether you need to have just a drinking water purifier for home or you need a whole house system for washing and bathing so. This check is also very important if you are especially looking to buy an RO water purifier because water gets stored in a small storage tank after filtration.

Depending upon your usage, it can be decided that you need 75 GDP, 200 GDP or a 400 GDP RO water purifier. Again, we can suggest and assist you in arriving at a decision after the water quality check. This will also determine how quick you need servicing and maintenance of your system either it needs to be performed quarterly or semi-annually.

After knowing your needs get yourself familiar with home water purifiers. You don’t need to understand every minute technicality but their basic purpose. How they are different from plastic bottles and are more sustainable and environment friendly in the long run for your consumption. With just a click you can find many useful information regarding water filtration systems on internet. What is the reason they are becoming popular? How one system varies from the other.

Water Quality Check

Next important point before installing any water purifier for home get your home water quality tested. With the help of this test, you can get answer to the questions that how much your water is infected from pathogens? What is The TDS (total dissolved solids) level of your water? This test can also help you in making a comparison of your drinking water before and after the use of a purifier. You simply need to call us or any other water filter purifier company. Once you call, we will be at your doorstep. Safe Water provides free water quality test irrespective of the fact that you make a commitment to buy from us. We do this free of cost for you. This test will decide whether you need to buy an RO water purifier or just a simple sediment water purifier for home.

UV filter/Anti-microbial Filter

Advanced water filter purifiers come in a wide variety for both drinking water as well as to treat whole house water.  Every water purifier even the RO water purifier comes in a number of stages of filtration. Another aspect you need to check before buying any filtration system is that your water purifier for home should have an ultraviolet filter. UV filter works by exposing the water to ultraviolet rays that kill germs and bacteria. Instead of a UV filter, an antimicrobial filter in RO water purifiers kill harmful pathogens in water. It means the purifier you bring should be removing bacteria, viruses and other harmful micro-organisms along with purification of sand and undissolved substances. Though we sell both UV and built-in RO water purifiers for home both but we recommend using an anti-microbiological filter in your system rather than a UV filter as it has issues due to electricity, shorter life and is more expensive. Why to go for a problematic feature in your system when a better, sustainable, and reliable substitute is available.

Alkaline Tube

The purpose of an alkaline tube is to re-add desired minerals and nutrients back in water. This makes your pure water healthy, alkaline and mineralized at the same time. Reverse osmosis water filter purifiers once remove everything from the water even the essential minerals present in water. Just RO water is not enough and fit for drinking. Drinking this water leads to diseases linked with deficiency of important minerals in addition to making your skin, hair dry and unhealthy. These days many water purification systems come with a fitted alkaline mineral tube as we deem your health important. As water is something that has s direct impact on your health you should be concerned what you are putting in your body.

Regular Maintenance

Constant draining and filtering impure water require regular change of filters and membranes of water purifiers. Usually, it is recommended to change the filters every six months. Though what is the frequency of changing depends upon many factors. It includes your usage and quality of the water needed to be purified. The number of biological and chemical contaminants in your water also determine this.

If your usage is very much than what an average family consumes that also suggest that your filter needs to be replaced more often. On a general basis this is done after every six months’ time. If the filters are not replaced timely, they get clogged and whole system get destroyed. When you buy a filtration system consider you buy from company that offers at least free maintenance service for a year after installation.

Most companies provide annual maintenance contract service that includes two or more services within a year plus a warranty of replacement of any parts in case any get damaged due to dirty water or any other reason.

You can add up in your calendars as a reminder when these filters need to be replaced. Our company Safe Water not only installs your machines but also make sure that you enjoy our water. We promise 1 free shifting if you want to relocate. Whenever time comes of replacement of filters companies give a call to make an appointment with you for the change and maintenance of filtration systems.

Buy From A Trusted Company

Last but not least you should buy your water treatment filters from a trusted company. Relying on a company that just sell filtration and purification systems is not enough. Many companies sell machine one time and then never ever call for maintenance and second free service after installation. They usually take money and run away. Who will be responsible if something happens to your system or if there is a complaint who is going to resolve any leaking or malfunction? Many individuals suffer at the hands of frauds. Research before you buy.  Make sure the name you are buying from you can rely on them. They are successfully delivering their services from a couple of years, and have got extremely satisfied customers. For this you can request company for reviews in your own community if they have a reliable customer base they will be surely having customers in your own neighborhood. Over the years, Safe Water has built a mark in the water treatment industry as trustworthy and best retailers of water purifiers and filters. You can clearly differentiate the quality of our services in comparison to our competitors. For our old customers we provide any upgrade free of cost or at a very minimal cost.

You don’t buy water filter purifiers every other day. This is not only a long-term investment but it is also a vital investment in your health and your family’s health. Give these factors some weightage and give yourself time to think before arriving at a decision.

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