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Safe Water delivers best services for your water tank cleaning in Dubai and all over UAE. We adhere to the international guidelines and standards for your water tanks cleaning and maintenance needs.  We have trained experts and excellent technicians who carry out cleaning and disinfection of water tanks. Our staff has proper PPE and mandatory tools required to perform cleaning of your water storage as it could be hazardous working under tank. Any unforeseen risk associated with water tank cleaning is evaluated prior to entering the tank and technicians are made comfortable how to minimize such unforeseeable risks. 
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We can’t survive if water is not safe and healthy. Usually in Dubai, water coming from DEWA or underground is initially stored in water storage tanks.  Same practice is followed in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and rest of the Emirates. From tanks, it is supplied through taps to the ultimate user. 
Over the period of time, these reserves of water start wearing out and getting polluted even they are sealed due to many underlying reasons. The humid weather of the UAE and Dubai makes these water tanks and storage more vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. The concern here is that the source of water becomes highly contaminated and become a breeding room for many micro-organisms. The misconception that needs to be rooted out here that our filtration systems can cater this problem anyway. That’s true to some extent but they also have some constraints, and you need to do regular water tank cleaning here in Dubai. The reason is that they get overburdened as they filter not only contaminations from water, but they also need to remove pollutants and pathogens present in water tanks. This necessitates the need for regular water tank cleaning in UAE as well as disinfecting to have an uninterrupted safe supply of water from water tanks.
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Benefits of Water Tank cleaning
Water tank cleaning offers many benefits.
Water Tank cleaning saves from water borne diseases and other gastro infections
Water remains stagnant and stays for some period of time in water tanks even after daily usage. Over the passage of time these water reserves due to continuous inflow of contaminated water become a hotbed of micro-organisms such as bacteria and certain viruses. There are some species of insects commonly called vectors grow in clean water rather than dirty water. Legionella is one of them that grows in hot clean water and leads to gastro infections. Harmful algae also grow in water overtime if it is not disinfected. If unchecked, our drinking water containers become a potential breeding hub for these pathogens. Contaminated unhealthy water leads to different water borne diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and polio. According to a recent study of WHO, diarrhea send 485 000 people to deathbed each year. Your health is in your hands. Keep an eye on your water containers and tanks.
Water Tank cleaning limits corrosion and rust
Containers worn out and corrode with every passing year. Pipes and water pumps develop a layer of rust. The deposits of salt, mud, and sand especially in UAE accumulates within no time in water containers even if they are kept airtight all time. These deposits keep on forming a pile by daily addition. The whole tank could be devastated if water containers are not timely cleaned and maintained. Hence it is extremely important to have water tank cleaning in Dubai.
Water Tank cleaning checks blockage
The persistent accumulation of debris and beds of impurities can pass through supply water pipes and water purifiers causing clogging. This can ultimately lead to failure of whole water supply process and failure of water filtration systems. It clarifies how pertinent water tank cleaning and disinfecting is if you need access to safe and healthy water in your home.
Water Tank cleaning results in reduced time, cost, and hassle
Water tank cleaning on regular intervals save your precious time, cost, and stress. You will be spending less time as well as less money on your water storage source which you would be sparing if your reserve becomes a breeding ground of bacteria. Your whole water supply could be put to risk and vulnerable to failure if you fail to maintain your water storages.
Safe Water ensures you enjoy healthy water supply from your water tank free from all harmful risks. Hire our services for water tank cleaning in Dubai and all over UAE. 


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