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Reverse Osmosis Systems

A reverse osmosis alkaline system usually comprises of 6-8 stages. It has different filtration levels that make the water pure and healthy. A reverse osmosis system operates on the idea of a semi-permeable membrane.


Before the impure water is allowed to pass through this reverse osmosis membrane water usually gets through first from the pre-filters. These pre-filters are namely polypropylene filter cartridge, granular activated carbon filter(GAC) and carbon clock filter.

Initial Filtration process by pre-filters

When a reverse osmosis alkaline mineral system is installed and turned on, in the first stance water passes through the polypropylene filter. This pre-filter has been designed to remove all types of suspended particles from the water such as sand, clay and silt. If these suspended particles are not removed initially they can block the reverse osmosis membrane as well as the filtration system itself. This PP membrane removes impurities in the water upto 5 µ. GAC and carbon block filter as the name suggests are used to remove chlorine and chloramines in the water. GAC is made up of acid washed coconut shells and coal with carbon in higher concentration. CTO is able to absorb more impurities as carbon is compressed to increase its strength and performance. Due to removal of chlorine form the water it tends to be free of any kind of odour and taste caused by chlorine. 

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Pre-filtered water is passed through this membrane on the principle where a solvent (impure water) is passed from an area of higher concentration to an area of low concentration. This removes all remaining impurities from the pre-filtered water after passing through RO membrane. FilmTech membrane which is used in our systems is US made and it filters the water upto 0.0001micron.  Once the membrane removes completely everything from the water, the water even gets void of essential minerals. The water at this stage is not fit for drinking purposes as it lacks even essential minerals which are required for proper functioning of the body. The cheap and ordinary systems available in the market sometimes have only four stages of filtration and they are being sold as one of the best systems comprising of 6-8 stages but beware to buy such RO systems as they are not beneficial for your health in the long run and in addition a waste of money. They not only affect your health but your whole family’s health is vulnerable. Our all reverse osmosis systems have a built in mineralization tube that enriches the water with the required minerals as well as remineralise the water with the desired level of minerals and nutrients. Don’t go for simply RO systems available in the market else you will be putting your family’s health at risk.

Basic Reverse Osmosis Filtration systems

Our basic reverse osmosis system hence comprises of 6 stage filtration. The five filtration stages have already been discussed above so far. The last one in our classis reverse system is taste and odour tube. The purpose of this tube is to remove any bad odour from the water due to chlorine and dissolved minerals in the water. Usually the dissolved unwanted chemicals and chlorine in impure water leave a specific taste in water which if not removed render the water undrinkable. This taste and odour tube readjusts the taste of the water making it a desirable one. This taste makes you addictive to the water so you drink more and more which is ultimately beneficial for you and your body.



Advanced Reverse Osmosis Filtration systems

Our advanced systems have more features added such as the adjustment of pH to provide you with an alkaline water. This addition comes with little extra charge but it depends on your needs as well as the quality of the water of your area. This stage softens the water and remove the acidic nature of the water. We all know best water for the body to assimilate all the essential nutrients from the food is the alkaline water.

Our best seller and recommended Reverse Osmosis System

Our best seller and highly demanded RO system is our antioxidant alkaline mineralized purifier. This purification system comes with an an antioxidant filter that sterilizes the water completely. Especially after covid this system is highly desired as it contains an anti-microbial filter which removes 99% of the bacteria and germs from the water making it safe and pure to drink. In these systems UV films have been replaced by an anti-microbial filters that doesn’t require electricity to work as compared to UV film. So if the electricity is turned off UV turns off as well. Secondly it is less expensive as compared to UV filter. This is how a reverse osmosis purification system works. On our website you can find detailed make up of each and every system which will further aid you in deciding which system is best suited for your needs. You can call us and book your free system demonstration with us or you can directly make an order from our website.

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