Water Filtration

According to the reports of the world health organization (WHO), between 50 to 100 liters of water is needed for a person per day for drinking and meeting other needs. As the natural resources are becoming scarce, availability of portable water is also being limited. It has become an absolute necessity to develop technologies that can clean the water. 

Water filtration systems have been available in the market for a few years now. Varying in specifications and technology, different kinds of water filtration systems are used depending on one’s needs. It is also dependent on what kind of pollutants water has. There are different kind of pollutants that water may has, such as; organic pollutants, inorganic pollutants, pathogens, thermals and other pollutants.  However as everything is becoming techier and smarter, the future of clean water technology would also be smart water filtration systems. 

Some of the advancements that are upcoming in field of water filtrations are based on new technologies. Such as filters using Nanotechnology, Graphene filters, bio inspired membranes or Forward osmosis. As sustainability is one of the main concerns of every industry, water filtration manufacturers are making systems that would reduce the environmental impact. For remote areas, where energy supply could be an issue, solar powered and energy independent filtration systems are also being made. 

The main objective of all these developments in water filtration is to identify such water filtration solutions which are efficient, sustainable and can address the issue of water scarcity. 

Smart water filtration:

Smart water filtration systems are purifiers that provide features like smart indicators, monitoring, and advanced controls. Besides ensuring that water is clean from all impurities and contaminants, smart water filtration systems also provide high quality drinking water which does not have any harmful chemical or bacteria. There are several features in smart water filtration systems that make it more efficient than traditional water filtration systems. 

Solutions for whole house:

One of the prime features of these water filtration systems is that they provide whole house solutions for clean water. These solutions range from whole house filters to RO water dispensers. RO water dispensers are one of their kinds. These standing dispensers are replica of conventional water dispensers but have built in reverse osmosis water purification system. Which make them look smarter and more versatile as RO water dispensers do not need any vessels. In addition to this they provide RO water instead of distilled water, which means water is healthy and has all good minerals in it. However, when selecting filtration system for whole household, it is of utmost importance to understand the issues of water quality. This would help in installing a filtration system, that suits best for your household and is effective for particular quality of water. 

Mentioned above are only some of the examples of latest water filtration systems. In future water filtration systems would be smart enough to be controlled through our phones or even smart watches. They would be advanced with IoT, and AI and would be providing clean water much more safely and smartly.

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