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Reverse osmosis water systems are highly in demand as a more sustainable water treatment and purification solution. Plastic bottles are being replaced on a high scale by reverse osmosis water purifiers due to their notorious adverse effects on the humans’ health and ecological well-being. An RO water purifier or a RO water dispenser requires constant maintenance due to deposit of impurities.  The adsorption capacity of the cartridges declines overtime. This demands a regular replacement of filters, certain tubes and membranes for the efficacy and desired results. 

Frequency of change of filters

Usually, it is recommended to change the filters every 3-6 months, though the frequency of change depends upon many factors such as.

  • usage of the family and number of family members
  • quality of the water that needs to be purified
  • number of biological and chemical contaminants in your water also determine this
  • hardness of the water

It is very important to change the filters when the service time is due otherwise they get clogged and whole system get destroyed. For the longevity and durability of the reverse osmosis water purifiers their maintenance and regular service is quite pertinent. With consistent servicing water purifiers could have a life of 5-8 years. Our company Safe Water not only installs reverse osmosis water systems and RO water dispensers but also make sure that you enjoy our filtered drinking water in the longer run. When you buy from us, we provide a first free maintenance service for 1 year after installation. 

Conditions signaling maintenance of Reverse osmosis water systems

Other than annual maintenance, there are certain conditions that also act as a sign of change and signal that your reverse osmosis water filters/RO water dispensers need maintenance. These are the situations when you need to pay attention in order to ensure that your family gets clean and pure water.

Bad taste and smell

If you experience a change in the taste of your water, then you should definitely call for its maintenance. The reason might be that your system is clogged or any cartridge needs to be replaced. The TDS level of your drinking water could be disturbed. 


In case of any leakage and dripping water from the water purifier you immediately need to call your service provider. This means that there is a concern in the performance of the filter and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. It should be fixed so that no water wastage results. 

Unusual noise 

Sometimes customer makes complaint of unusual noise from the water filtration system. The possible cause of abnormal sounds could be the malfunctioning of reverse osmosis water pump or accumulation of water bubbles or any improperly placed filter etc. 

Low pressure 

A prolonged water pressure drop may also signal that you need to check your system. Sometimes it may be just due to a problem at the back end .i.e. DEWA supply but usually it doesn’t last long. Persistent pressure drop is a sign that any membrane or cartridge is blocked or any pre-filter is missing. Keep an eye on your reverse osmosis water filtration equipment and RO water dispenser, inform us rest of the maintenance and check list can be done by us.

How often maintenance should be done?

Different filters and membranes need to be replaced at different times. You can get an idea from the below information. 

Replacement of Sediment Filter

A sediment filter removes suspended particles from the impure water. It filters dirt, sand and unnecessary particles from the water. Sediment cartridge must be changed every 3-6 months depending upon the volume of water used. Usually at Safe Water, we suggest you how often your water purification equipment’s maintenance should be done.

Replacement of Carbon Filter

A carbon filter removes chlorine and chloramines from the water improving the taste and smell of water. Over the time its absorption capacity decreases and a change in water odor usually results if not replaced on a periodic basis. Usually a carbon filter is replaced every 3-6 months. 

Replacement of Mineralization tube

Reverse osmosis water purifiers remove all kinds of impurities from water up to .0001 microns even that they devoid water of essential minerals and nutrients. Mineralization tube is attached in a reverse osmosis water filter so that it can add back all the desired minerals. This mineralization tube is changed on an annual basis.

Replacement of UV lamp

Ultraviolet filter sterilizes the water by providing protection against micro-organisms. It makes water free from any water borne germs and disease causing microbes. A UV lamp needs replacement every 9-12 months. 

Replacement of RO membrane

RO membrane has a life span of 5-8 years when the other filter cartridges are changed at regular intervals. It doesn’t get burdened quickly when pre-filters work properly.

Schedule of Filters change


Frequency of replacement

PP filter

3-6 months

Carbon filter 

3-6 months 

Mineralisation tube 


Ultraviolet lamp


RO Membrane

5-8 years 

Maintenance Contract

We, at Safe Water provides annual maintenance contract service that includes two services within a year plus a warranty of replacement of any parts in case any parts get damaged due to dirty water or any other reason. We promise 1 free shifting if you want to relocate within a year.  The un-installation and new installation are done free of charge if you enter in maintenance contract with us. We usually maintain a record of our customers and get in touch whenever their service is due or annual contract needs to be renewed.  You don’t need to remember when and how these filters need to be replaced. You will get a call from the office and the professional technicians would be at your doorstep according to the time of appointment promised with you. In case of any complaint or any issue a call can be made at our office number 04 256 4492 or you can reach to us either via WhatsApp/email or you can call any of our numbers provided to you in your installation report. Within no time you will be contacted and a professional expert would be assigned to resolve your reported issue as soon as possible.

Other than maintenance contract, you can just ask our team for the maintenance of your system and can get a service as per you needs. So give us a call and you can get the maintenance service whenever you need it.


Periodic maintenance of your water purification system is very important otherwise you will be putting your and your family’s health at risk. 

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