Safe Water Dish Washer Filter gives you pure and clean water for your ice maker. In addition to water filter for home drinking water, this purifier adds extra filtration for your dishes. This filter does the basic filtration needed for your caffe, hospital and clinic etc. It is very cost-effective and sustainable which makes it ideal especially for commercial purposes.  It makes water refreshing, great tasting, and provides you with basic uninterrupted pure and healthy water supply. It keeps you, your guests as well as customers satisfied by giving an insight that the water used in making ice is pre-filtered.

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Safe Water Dish Washer filter is useful for the removal of sediments in water. In addition to water filter for home drinking water, this purifier adds extra filtration for your dishes. Sediments are smaller particles suspended in the water. These can be rust fragments, sand and clay silts, and any other undissolved particles from aging water pipelines or stagnant water in the water tanks. This filter removes any sediments in the water and ensure a soft water supply for washing dishes.

High sediments level in the water can change the water taste and colour. It can also cause the blockages and affect the flow control of washing machines, dish washers, water heaters and even the water filtration equipment itself.

Safe water wash basin filter is comprised of 1 step water purification.

  1. Polypropylene Sediment Filter Cartridge
Key Features
1 Stage filtration (PP)

High Strength Housing

Suitable for WASH services

Reduce chlorine exposure

Environmental friendly material

Under the sink placement

Soft and Vibrant clothes


Free installation

Free one-year service & maintenance

Free relocation within UAE

Free from any preservatives

Free from all sediments

Easy to connect with all types of dispensers and refrigerators





Technical Specifications


Model SW-DWPP-I-1S
Number of Stages 1
Purification Method PP
Membrane Size5 µ
System Dimensions 39 (H)X14(L)X14(W) cm
Tank Dimensions
Gross Weight 1.5kg
Water Pressure 40-87 PSI
Water Temperature 0 ᵒC min / 60ᵒC max
Power Supply Not required
Water Flow Rate 3 GPM
Total Water Output Capacity 200,000 cycles from 0-6 bar
Water Temperature Room Temperature
Pre-Filters Normally 6 months (depending on usage)
Mineral Tubes

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