Want to quench your thirst? Water is the only drink that gives you ultimate satisfaction and fulfills your need. No other beverage can do that magic in satisfying you if you feel thirsty. Water coming from desalination, ground or surface is never free from contaminants and contain some harmful disease-causing agents due to infected pipelines and supply system. Nowadays, the filtration technique used by most filters and purifiers is Reverse Osmosis commonly known as RO.  Reverse Osmosis is actually a water purification method in which impure water is allowed to pass through a semi permeable membrane that removes ion, impurities and large molecules from it. Rather than going into the more detail how RO process removes water our focal point is that either this water after going into reverse osmosis process is ready to drink or not? Is this water pure and ready to be drink?

Is just RO water ready to be consumed?

The answer is no because this water is pure, but it lacks not only undesired constituents but also some useful and essentials nutrients otherwise dissolved in water. A study by WHO stated that concentration of dissolved substances (TDS) below 300 milligrams per litre in water is regarded as excellent. This TDS level represents total dissolved solids within water. This is quite pertinent relating to the quality of potable water. Less than 300 to 900 milligrams per litre water is safe to drink but above 900 milligrams per litre water is unhealthy and unsafe to drink. In research by WHO conducted on Russian population revealed that when water with varying levels of TDS was supplied to people, it resulted in many diseases. The study further suggests that water low in minerals is a causative agent of hypertension and heart problems, abdominals ulcers and goiter. It also points out maternity severities in mothers as well as in newly born in addition to being anemic and growth complications. The report however failed to point out exactly which mineral either magnesium or calcium deficiency in water led to these issues report however failed to point out exactly which mineral either magnesium or calcium deficiency in water led to these issues.

Demineralized water is corrosive and poses many health-related threats that’s why a desired level of minerals is necessary for human body for development and nourishment. Pure water lacking minerals has a very bad taste due to which people drink less than an average individual water intake should be. This water can lead to dehydration and leads to many skin issues as well. This is the reason advanced economies suggest that water distributed and supplied should be pure and must contain optimum level of minerals. A desired content has been added in regulations and quality of water supplied to individuals in these countries is benchmarked usually with the standard.

Now you all know that just RO water is not enough to keep you and your family hydrated and protected from all water borne diseases. In Dubai, desalinated water is distilled and then chlorinated to disinfect any harmful pathogens. But this water is devoid of many useful and necessary solids. Moreover, the excess chlorine makes it harmful to drink and consume. The addition of chlorine makes it smell bad as well. Safe Water has the solution to your problems. Our filters and purifiers provide pure water using RO based technology in combination with mineralized alkaline tube.  Our TDS meters make sure that you get the required dissolved minerals essential for your body along with a pure water.

Essential minerals added in alkaline mineralized water

There are certain essential minerals that are found in water which are required by the body for its proper functioning. These minerals are calcium, magnesium, sodium, fluoride, potassium, iron, and zinc, each single one carries its own benefits for the body. A water devoid of these minerals is harmful for our body in the long run as it does not provide the body with the desired nutrients.

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